Our Guiding Tenet

Viriditas is: The Divine Healing Power of the Green

Hildegard von Bingen coined the term Viriditas to describe the life-force (Vis), which not only heals like green herbs but also directs, balances and harmonizes all living things.

Our business practices are based on the principles of Medical Herbalism and Naturopathy.

We work within a holistic model of health using therapies that integrate ancient healing wisdom with modern evidence based science.

Our Services

We are a healing centre.

We produce our medicines that are a part of the healing process.

We believe holistic health and integrated medicine require the healing of the person within their own physical body integrating their mental, emotional & spiritual bodies. Personal holistic healing includes being integrated into society so that no one is a stranger, neither isolated nor alienated.

The virtue of Viriditas introduces & reconnects one to the Way of Nature.

Viriditas is administered by the beings & energies of nature, all of creation and the Creator.

Materia Medica

Viriditas tinctures are made by hand in small, controlled batches using organically cultivated or ethically wild crafted herbs, some of which are grown in our own teaching garden. In addition to the singles listed in the catalogue, we also produce a number of excellent combinations and, will compound custom remedies to your specifications that meet the needs of your clients.

Our Hydrastis canadensis, Chamaelirium luteum and Cimicifuga racemosa are organically grown and not wildcrafted.

All of our tinctures are 1:5 prepared according to specifications set out in:

  • the Canadian Pharmacopoeia (CP)
  • the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP)
  • the British Pharmacopoeia (BP)
  • the King’s American Dispensary (KAD, a publication of the former Eclectic Medical Association)

Tinctures are extracted in pure reverse-osmosis water, using pure grain alcohol (gluten-free), with the addition of organic apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerine as adjunct solvents when required. We are a nut-free environment.

Detailed information is available at your request regarding weight ratios, dosages and dispensing, botanical safety, monographs and sources of ingredients.

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Education comes from the latin Ex Ducare, which means to lead out from.

Learning is finding out what you already know.
Our herbal education reveals that you are intrinsically in harmony with nature.

Doing is demonstrating that you know it.
You will participate in demonstrations of practical herbal skills & crafts.

Teaching is showing others that they know just as well as you do.
The skills you learn will become a part of your family heritage when you teach your family, friends & patients (the things that your grandmother should have taught you, and if she did, then you are fortunate).

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Every person has the innate capacity to heal. There is an inherent self-organizing and healing process present in all living systems that establishes, maintains and restores health. Our role is to facilitate and augment the inherent self-healing processes by identifying & removing obstacles to health and by supporting the creation of a healthy internal & external environment.

By working closely together with our patients we tailor comprehensive, personalized treatment plans to assist in restoring the body to a natural state of health where it can respond with vitality & resilience. 

Our practitioners and services include:

Tiffany Wyse ND RH
  • FEE SCHEDULE effective March 2020PLEASE NOTE during the Pandemic: APPOINTMENTS MAY ONLY BE OFFERED BY TELEMEDICINEInitial consultation (90 minutes)            $220

    Telephone consultations                     $ 50/each 15 minutes

    45 minute consultation                        $150

    30 minute consultation                       $100

    15 minute consultation                        $50