Terms of condition

Public resources section

Traditional herbal medicine and folk medicine have always been within the public domain. The information provided here is for educational and research purposes and is not intended to replace qualified medical healthcare. Be fully informed. If you have or believe you have a condition that requires medical attention you should seek out your qualified health-care provider.

Health is your most valuable asset. Maintain it with responsible lifestyle and appropriate supplementation.

It is your inherent right to be healthy.

Practitioner section

The information provided here is based on the current best practice in herbal & naturopathic medicine.

Our knowledge base is constantly expanding and ongoing research finds breakthroughs in medical understanding and so we endeavour to integrate this new knowledge with our deep-rooted traditions. Not all effective herbal medicine has the same level of evidence. Traditional herbal medicine has been proven by its perennial clinical practice over thousands of years. Modern science can only validate what has been known for millennia by good clinicians.


Our products in the bottle are exactly as they are listed on the label. It is the responsibility of each practitioner to prescribe and dispense our products based on her or his knowledge and experience.

Ultimately each practitioner is responsible for how the herbs are used by her or his patients.