Immune Broth

, January 22, 2016 in Diet and Nutrition

from David Winston

Place the bone of a grass-fed, pastured and/or organic lamb or turkey in a large spaghetti pot (glass, satinless steel, enamel or wok) or crock pot.

For vegetarians begin with 3 ounces of oat straw & burdock root in place of the bone.

Add to it a good sized Reishi mushroom and 3-5 Astragalus sticks.

Cover with filtered water nearly to the top, plus one tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar.

Simmer slightly covered for three days; add water as needed.

Turn it off before bed and cover, and then put the heat back on in the morning (heat may be left on low in a crockpot).

Late on the third day add chopped organic carrots & celery plus 1 ounce of nettles & alfalfa.
Cook until the vegetables are really soft.

Strain liquid into a pitcher or two and refrigerate. Use for immune broth as needed or pour broth into ice cube trays and freeze. Take one cube a day, defrosted or dissolved into other foods, or with boiling water as a broth.