The Foundation of Holistic Principles

, February 16, 2016 in Reflective Essays

The Golden Age & Wei Wu Wei, A story:
The Foundation of Holistic Principles

Vitalism implies there is a force that organized matter into complex structures like plants and animals and is named Life.

This life-force is measured by its effects as it animates.
We do not see the wind but things carried on it like clouds or birds.
Complex biosystems like an animal maintain a dynamic equilibrium through the physical transmission of information in their physiology e.g. neuropeptides.
There is intelligence or mind in our physiology meaning that mind directs life and life organizes matter. Conversely, life is involved in matter and evolves up to the point where mind, once hidden, is now manifest.
Mind evolves until it reaches self-awareness or sentience.
From self-awareness, self-will blossoms.
Self-will implies free will or the ability to override our genetically programmed actions i.e. consciousness and conscience direct the individual and create lifestyle.
E=mcc + Vitalism + PNI + Spirit
Do birds, fish and dogs have sentience?

from: John Redden RH
An Introduction to Medical Herbalism