Expensive Herbs

You are charged extra when you add herbs to a compound. When choosing herbs, the ones with an asterisk (*) beside their names may have fluctuating pricing and be more costly. We carry these plants as they are premium in their efficacy.

Here are some examples:

Hydrastis canadensis : There are only a few organic growers in North America. We will not wildcraft the herb, as it is endangered.

Panax ginseng : Historically expensive, and needs to be 5 years old at minimum to harvest.
Very expensive to grow.

Panax notoginseng : Same issues as P. ginseng.

Panax quinquefolius : Same issues as P. ginseng.

Quassia : Requires the harvesting of the entire tree and has become endangered.

Oplopanax : Wildcrafted in Western Canada. Only a limited amount can be ethically harvested per year.

Agathosma betulina : Only grown on plantations in South Africa. There is a limited
supply in the world.

Codonopsis : Crop failures have made this herb limited, and like P. ginseng, requires 5 years to mature before harvesting.

Echinacea : We only use angustifolia roots, as they are the most potent.