What do the “1:5” and “33%” on our tinctures mean?

1:5 is the Mass to Volume ratio. For every 5mL of liquid, there is 1g of herb.

The liquid can be either Alcohol, Reverse Osmosis water, Apple Cider Vinegar, organic vegetable-based Glycerine or a combination.

The percentage listed (often 33%), is the percentage of alcohol in the tincture. This can be any number between 25-95, as different herbs require different alcohol percentages for extraction.

Our alcohol is pharmaceutical-grade, from grain. It is free of GMOs, and the final distillate contains NO other material substances. (Besides alcohol of course!) It will not invoke any allergic reactions, unless you or your patient is sensitive to alcohol.

NOTE: In a therapeutic dose, there is as much alcohol present as there is in a ripe banana.