What size bottles do we ship?

We use 500mL & 1L stock bottles because most of the dispensing rates of 5mL TID is approximately 100mL per week. This is the standard dosing for a 1:5 tincture in the
Eclectic Medical tradition.

A 500mL bottle is 5 weeks which is often the least amount of time to know that the product will work. It may take several rounds of 5 weeks to transform the patient’s condition.

Formulas for acute conditions can be dispensed by the practitioner in 100mL or 250mL bottles in their office. We have graduated cylinders & small empty bottles for practitioners to order so that they may also compound & dispense tinctures in their offices.

30ml amber round bottle with dropper
100mL amber round bottle plain cap
100ml amber round bottle with dropper
250ml amber round bottle with cap
500mL amber round with cap
1000ml amber round with cap

Here are two links to Ontario glass suppliers:
Consolidated bottles pick up any number of any size or large delivery of cases.
Richards packaging