Online Medical Herbalism – FULL COURSE (20 Videos)

An Advanced Understanding of Herbs for Health Care Practitioners - Now an Online Video series!

Filmed during the last in-class version of our Advanced Medical Herbalism course in 2019, we now have the entire program as 20, (2+hour each) videos that you can watch at your leisure.

Course materials and notes will be provided electronically.


Learning objectives

  • A holistic model of health & treatments will be elucidated. We will cover all the body systems and approximately 100 herbs by actions, pharmacology, and energetics.
  • Basic concepts and principles of the natural sciences will be introduced and applied. Botany, pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, pharmacology, herb-drug interactions, and human physiology will be presented with the principles addressed and integrated into the course at the appropriate times.
  • A holistic model of healing using the paradigms of deep ecology will be the basis of the paradigm in which herbal protocols will be formed.
  • A systematic method of integrating Western Bio-Medical information in an inherently holistic context will allow the students to utilize the resources of what is called “Allopathic” medicine and “Holistic” or “Naturopathic” medicine. We understand the Vis.
  • A herbal material medica will be developed and cross referenced by physiological action categories, body systems and tissues affinities, pharmacognostic plant metabolites, energetics, and historical uses.

What to expect

  • The basic structure of the classes will be to take each body system and summarize its place in the whole. Next, the patterns that lead to disease conditions and the physiological processes involved will be examined in detail including some specific pathologies. Case studies (from intake to diagnosis to prescription) will be discussed using the “method” and herbal selection criteria to generate holistic protocols including patient specific herbal formulations. Proper forms of herbal products i.e. tinctures, tisanes, decoctions, fomentations etc. will be addressed on a case by case basis. Products from health food stores, home medicine chests and professional dispensaries will be considered.
  • Class notes and handouts will be provided electronically.

Texts Used

  • Hoffmann, Medical Herbalism
  • Romm, Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health
  • Hechtman, Clinical Naturopathic Medicine