What are the graduates saying about us?

I completed the Medical Herbalism course approximately 10 years ago, and feel it is one of the most useful continuing education courses I have taken from a clinical skills perspective. A great course for translating the largely materia medica-based botanical medicine training at CCNM into effective formulae, and other practical botanical applications. Highly recommended for CCNM students and graduates who have not had additional herbal medicine training.

Jonah Lusis, ND


"If you depend upon the use of botanicals in your practice then consider this course mandatory.  Finally, you will have a chance to learn from a great mentor that actually has practical skills and knowledge as opposed to the same old recycled info in most modern herbal texts.  I have discarded most of the waste that I was taught in many seminars going through school because of lack of efficacy in a clinical setting, but the information I have received from John has shaped my practice."

Dr. Seth Yates BSc(Kin), ND, RAc.
Yates Naturopathic Clinic

I am so grateful to have taken John Redden’s course, Advanced Therapeutic Protocols. It was an invaluable part of my herbal studies.
John embodies a profound understanding and respect for plants and imparts that knowledge and passion to his students. The course is filled with clinical applications and protocols of most conditions that one would see in their practice. In addition, John supplements the material with his own “clinical gems” collected from his many years of experience. This course is a must for any professional using herbal medicine in their practice.

Giacomina Gucciardi-Mercurio ND

John was referenced in the OAND Pulse reviews of the 2016 Convention with this quote:

"John Redden's session alone was worth the fee for the whole weekend."