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Every person has the innate capacity to heal. There is an inherent self-organizing and healing process present in all living systems that establishes, maintains and restores health. Our role is to facilitate and augment the inherent self-healing processes by identifying & removing obstacles to health and by supporting the creation of a healthy internal & external environment.

By working closely together with our patients we tailor comprehensive, personalized treatment plans to assist in restoring the body to a natural state of health where it can respond with vitality & resilience. 

Our practitioners and services include:

Tiffany Wyse ND RH
  • FEE SCHEDULE effective March 2020PLEASE NOTE during the Pandemic: APPOINTMENTS MAY ONLY BE OFFERED BY TELEMEDICINEInitial consultation (90 minutes)            $220

    Telephone consultations                     $ 50/each 15 minutes

    45 minute consultation                        $150

    30 minute consultation                       $100

    15 minute consultation                        $50