John Redden RH Medical Herbalist

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John Redden is a Western Medical Herbalist with an eclectic background.

He has over thirty years experience growing and wild crafting herbs, manufacturing remedies and clinical practice. As a member and former vice-president of the Ontario Herbalists Association, he co-founded “A Celebration of Herbs”, Toronto’s largest herbal event.

For six years, John served as the editor of the Canadian Journal of Herbalism, the national herbal medical journal for professional herbalists and interested lay enthusiasts.

He is a hands-on teacher of numerous aspects of holistic herbal medicine and teaches popular and advanced classes in his workshop / laboratory and at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

John is a member of the professional advisory board for the Ontario Ginseng Growers Association and a founding author of the Canadian General Standards Board on Organic Agriculture co-authoring Canada’s laws on organic farming and manufacturing.

John’s studies in the U.S., Britain, and Canada have culminated in the founding of Viriditas Herbal Products, whose clients include professional herbalists, naturopaths, and medical doctors. Clinical consultations for patients are available at his office in Toronto.

John also enjoys collaborating with NDs to produce patient specific remedies extemporaneously. Post-graduate herbal studies in Scotland and Spain along with naturopathic continuing education with oncology expert, Dr. Neil McKinney ND have helped John become effective in treating patients with complex medical conditions including cancer.

In the late 1970’s John spent about a year at Findhorn in Forres, Morayshire, Scotland. It was here that he began an ongoing dialogue with the life-beings and light-beings of creation. The Vis was no longer a theoretical “Gaia hypothesis” but became a reality. The business name “Viriditas” comes from a Medieval Latin compound word that loosely translates as “The Power of Green.” Hildegard von Bingen coined the term to describe the life-force (Vis), which not only heals like green herbs but also directs, balances and harmonizes all living things. Viriditas is a cosmic force. Viriditas Herbal Products manufactures herbal tinctures and salves that respectfully transmit the healing power of green from the plants of the Earth to the user.

John has personal interests in the history of science especially medicine, gardening, Gregorian chant and wild crafting in nature. He has been studying and practicing meditation for over forty years and has been a vegetarian for over thirty-five years.

Recently (2015) John was recognized as a Herbal Elder of Canada by the Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations ” for his outstanding contributions to the field of herbal medicine.”

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  • Adults $120 per hour
  • Children*, students**, seniors $100/hr
  • Telephone consultations $40/each 15 minutes
  • Home visits (60 minutes) $150/hr. + $2/minute travel time
  • *Children: less than 16 years of age
    ** Students: in school full-time with valid photo id card
  • Fees are payable by VISA, MASTERCARD, debit, cash or cheque at the end of each visit.
  • Any prescribed herbal tinctures, supplements are not included in the above fees.
  • Please note that these fees are not covered by OHIP.