We Need Herbs

, March 24, 2015 in Reflective Essays

We are presently living in a world that is in constant upheaval. To find stability, we must hold onto something that is deeply rooted. Traditional Herbal Medicine arose long ago, at a time when mythology and history were indistinguishable and cultural values were very different than our own. It is the source from which modern (scientific) herbalism, pharmacological medicine, hygiene & dietetics and holistically oriented herbal medicine are nourished. Taproot and heartwood lay hidden whilst we harvest fruit and leaf.

What are the perennial truths in medicine and in our understanding of life? Herbs have taken a special position in our ecology. They have as their purpose the joyful task of reconnecting us to our roots, reintegrating us with the other life beings of this planet Earth, nourishing all life, reminding us to breathe fresh air and to bathe in the light. Herbs in various forms and formulations can help us grow into a state of wholeness, balance, and dynamic equilibrium, i.e. constancy in change. We need herbs in our lives: in our gardens, our foods, our bathtubs, our bedrooms and workplaces. Herbs have been with us since the beginning and will be here with us in the end. Spend some quality time with your local herbs. Eat roots and fruits. Drink teas and tinctures. Herbs can completely change your life and introduce you to that which is unchanging.

“The secret of the seed is in the fragrance of the flower.”